Conceive A Baby | Get Pregnant | Fertility Guided Meditation


Audio length –  44:47 mins

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Product Description

This meditation was written for those who would like extra help in helping to conceive and give birth to a child. During this meditation we are using the art of visualisation, ask help from Archangel Gabriel and clear negative thought patterns.

Angela Gerou, writer of this meditation recommends:
‘It’s beneficial to use Rose Quartz and Moonstone while listening to this guided meditation. Both crystals aid in fertility, balancing hormones and you will want to use them during your pregnancy, as well. Place them over your ovaries, or in your non-dominant hand during meditations. On a daily basis, It’s ideal to carry them in your pocket or have them as close to your body as possible to benefit from their energies.’


This guided meditation audio is in MP3 downloadable format.