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Rasa is the creator or the meditations you can find here and on her YouTube channel. Her guided meditations range from stress relief, spirit connection, healing, law of attraction and many more.

Rasa is a qualified life coach and a yoga teacher. Beyond the qualifications Rasa mostly focuses on and enjoys creative writing, practicing mind awareness and is an avid yoga student. Other things that peak Rasa’s interest are: human and animal psychology, learning about the works and functionality of the mind, body and soul, psychic development and energy work.

Meditations, yoga and energy work came into Rasa’s life in the time of urgent need to help manage stress and alleviate depression she was experiencing on an intense level from which came a strong desire and intention to seek help and improve her own wellbeing. Once Rasa began practicing meditations and looking inward for solutions for all her problems, she never looked back:

‘Meditations and self-awareness transformed my mental state and it’s capacity to understand and cope with what was in front of me. Meditation practice has healed my body and most importantly it gave me life, new life which I never thought was possible for me to have.’

Since being a child Rasa always dreamt of writing and continued to write throughout her life. Once meditations came into Rasa’s life, she started writing guided meditations for herself and later shared these with people on-line. The interest in Rasa’s meditations grew fast as many listeners found these guided meditations powerful and effective.  Since then it has become Rasa’s passion to share the tools with everyone that helped to transform her life.

You can download a free meditation today and begin your journey of peace and contentment, which is what Rasa wish for all her listeners.

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Feedback from some of the listeners:

‘Can’t find the words for how this made me feel and how much I love and am grateful for this meditation. Wonderfully done, thank you so much. Head bowed in eternal respect and gratitude’ – Ben Hooker

‘This has worked for me last nigh.t I Did this and today I manifested $2000 that my uncle gave me and I win a free $5 scratchie on a ticket the next day unbelievable – Kay Trieste

‘Thank for creating this meditation. Your words, voice and sincerity gives me hope in my own healing powers’ – Ebony Christina

‘Rasa I have been meditating for 40 years  and I must say, You have the deepest understanding of mind that I have ever encountered. I have listened to just about every guided meditation you have done at least twice and find myself enchanted each time as if it was the first.. Your amazing grasp of the language for the imagination is nothing short of the divine. Very Enchanting! You are Blessed and Very Gifted – World Arts

‘What a beautiful, healing meditation. It has opened my heart in a new and profound way. Thank you Rasa, I am truly grateful for you! – Sarah Holmes

‘This is amazing… tears of joy… i wish everyone on earth could experience the movement of this’ – Thia Castle

‘This was the most amazing experience I have had in years! Thank you so much for the energy you spread. I actually cried from deep with, feeling the pain just exiting my heart, then this overwhelming sense of peace just flowing within. Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My God Bless you with with love and light’ – Patricia Dick

‘Oh my, this meditation is EXACTLY what I needed, the intense euphoria flowing through my body… Words can’t begin to explain how amazing you feel after this meditation. Much LOVE’ – Gypsy Rankin

‘Thank you – This has helped me ‘deal with’ a chronic illness with much light, patience and optimism’ – SherylsTwin

‘I cannot be grateful enough for your positive affirmations. This has CHANGED my whole day and outlook on my body. Very very thankful. Clarity is my natural state of being. Subscribed!!!– Adil Balouch

‘This is the best guided meditation i have every listened to! Thanks you helped me visualize a lot of the things I couldn’t usually!’ – Aishyee

‘I’ve only mediated a few times prior, but I’ve never felt what I just felt during this meditation. I found myself sink into my bed and began to experience my whole body being overtaken by a warm and tingling sensation. I felt as if I could really feel my guardian angels hugging me. I couldn’t stop crying for a while, and I felt really enclosed in this experience.– Kamri Cole

‘Always use your meditation in my reiki healings always very beautiful and powerful thank you so much for your gift – Casey Finan

‘Thank You. I suffered a heart attack in March, and after listening to this, i was able to sleep…and rest. I’m going to listen to this meditation on a regular basis in order to help my heart’s healing. Blessings’ – Escuela de Artes Marciales Gran Dragón

‘Thank you, dear Rasa, for your meditations and love! Some weeks ago I tried one of your healing meditations and since that time I have experienced amazing changes in my life. I feel stronger and happier, I know how to help myself in the evening after an exhausting day. I mediate with you at least 4 times a week, and it is really a beautiful experience. Today I tried this meditation for the first time, and what I noticed, that my inner child was smiling in the end, but not me… I was crying till the very end of the meditation. But still I feel relief… – Iryna Sabadash

‘Your voice is naturally healing’ – FlyMore444 Love

‘The pace of your words, your angelic voice, the music…all these make this meditation the best on You Tube!!! – CTX50

‘I wish you could know what this meditation has done for me. This came to me while recovering from a car accident and I genuinely believe it played a huge part in my recovery. Thank you so much. Your voice is lovely – Wendi Davis

‘This is a great meditation. Thank you! i was so relaxed that I had an Out of body experience which is typically very difficult for me! – Colleen Picone

‘Hello Rasa Lukosiute, I’ve been meditation for quite some time, i recently came across one of your guided meditations, I followed instructions to a science and received drastic results. For 12 years I been practing qi gong and my chi energy is strong enough for others to actually sense. I meditated (twice) to one of your meditations. 1st session I felt good, relaxed, peaceful (as usual with meditation). 2nd session ( here’s where it gets interesting) while listening I heard your voice say “You are now spiritually awakened”.. From that moment on life seems to be drastically changing for myself. Every symptom I experience after my researches indicated the process of spiritual awakening.. Your very powerful with your work, Blessings to you and your family’ – prettyra25

‘Okay, I’m literally in tears. I’m very picky about voices, but yours is so calming and gentle and amazing. I heard what I needed from who I needed and the whole process kept my mind from wandering and kept me engaged. This is just so very good. thank you! – Victoria Harrington

‘I listen every night to your videos before sleep, I’d say almost always I fall asleep half way through. Really is a great way to end my day. The manifesting has been working for me, it took 3 weeks then I received $21,000 When I really needed it. Then I had been thinking I was bored with my job and I received an offer out of the blue with a 40% pay raise. I haven’t taken the job yet though as I’m hoping my other manifestation comes this week. Anyway thank you for your great work, you are helping many which is something very special – Mark Smith

‘Wow. Just wow. I cried for 30 minutes straight. I now know what I need to do. I’m grateful and thankful for this – kokanerap0r

‘One of the best body healing meditations, great voice’ – Brian Tix